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Exclusive Promotional Products

Our process is simple and designed to bring about the best solutions, and bring your promotional products to life. Because Blueprint Promotions Inc. believes that team work is the best way to go, we work closely with our customers offering a full personal shopper experience. Our experienced team will look for the best product for your company and with your collaboration, the product will be designed to perfection. So please share your ideas with us.

Blueprint Promotions staffs an experienced Sales and Marketing team to support a vast array of innovative products which are ahead of the trends is current promotional programs in the marketplace. The extensive lines available to our customers are above and beyond what is available elsewhere.


Exclusive Products

When putting projects together, you require thought, creativity and drive.


But, How Can Promotional Products Benefit Your Company?

Promotional ItemsIncrease brand recognition: by designing and creating products with your own brand your targeted market will recognize and be more aware of your brand. That can lead to an increase in sales.

Promotional ItemsAlternative business card: promotional products are a great way to distribute your contact information to customers.

Promotional ItemsMass reach at low cost: using promotional products as a gift at conventions, shows and fairs allows you to reach out to many people at low cost.

Promotional ItemsUnlimited options: Blueprint Promotions Inc, offers a great variety of customizable products, and our sales team is always looking for new products to suit our customers’ needs.


Through our creative product-development process, Blueprint is able to take your promotional items one step further by providing the opportunity to stand apart from the competition. With manufacturing connections world-wide, we can source your product and get you the best price for your perfect item. With us, that product you thought you could never have, has never been closer!


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